The evolution of trail racing

Event date: 2019

Registration: 2018

Enduro Trail Wales


Enduro Trail Wales at is a new concept in trail running. It lends its philosophies from Enduro racing in the world of MTB. We believe that this exciting new event underlines our vision of advancing trail running at Run. Coed y Brenin!

Our pilot event in 2016 was such a hit that we will be rolling out this race in 2019.

The philosophy of the event is all about exploring those skills required for uphill and downhill running, on testing terrain which we all know can create a real buzz, especially when it’s practiced on gnarly, rocky ascents or descents or long flowing grassy hills.

Enduro Trail doesn’t just have to be about racing. It’s also about discovery, it’s about freedom, exploration of your environment and maybe approaching your training runs a little differently to perhaps seek out all the great ascents and descents and celebrate them, conquer them! We realise that the event will not be for everyone for sure, and runners will need a good deal of skill and trail running experience on challenging terrain.


The Event

The race format breaks the route down into stages, so you can race the stages, enjoy the transitions and have a cumulative time for the days racing of the stages only.

The race will be of around 17km in total distance, with 7 Stages (up and downhill) between 0.5 and 1.0 km in length. Runners will set off in small groups and run to the first timed stage.  The stages will be accessed by running a marked route between each stage which will be known as the Transition route.

The stages will be clearly marked with a start and finish sign. The times achieved in all timed stages will be accumulated to give an overall time. The winner of the event will be the runner who has completed all these stages in the shortest cumulative time.

Each runner will have an individual start time, published prior to the event, this will be from the Coed y Brenin centre. The run to the first stage will be approximately 1.5km, enabling the runner a good warm-up.

The start interval between the runners at stages must be at least 20 seconds. You will be guided on the start and finish of the Stages via the stage marshal.

The transitions between stages will generally give the runner time to recover and prepare for the next Stage, whilst also continuing to give the participant an enjoyable experience

The race route will be unveiled one month before the event, with segments set up 2 days prior to the event.

Runners given the opportunity to familiarise the actual stages on the morning of the race.

Enduro Trail Wales will be party to the usual organisational standards for a Run. Coed y Brenin event and have marshal and medical support facilities. There will also be a feed station at a mid-way stage of the event, where runners can expect hydration and gels.

Note: In exceptional circumstances (e.g. weather or dangerous underfoot conditions) we reserve the right to change a stage, this will be made clear to the competitors at the start of the race. We also reserve the right to stipulate essential equipment (e.g waterproof jackets) prior to the event.

Route Directions and Maps

A course map, indicating Stages and Transition routes (with approximate distances for each) will be made available online prior to the race and maps will be on display at race registration on the day.

Overall Route Map here

Each Stage will be clearly marked, with clear arrows and race tape. Transition routes will also be clearly marked with marshals stationed at Stage Start and Finish area of the transponder stages.

Be a good sport!

– Runners should respect their fellow competitors and should act in a sporting manner at all times

– Runners must also permit any faster runner to overtake without obstructing

Racing Format

At the beginning and end of each stage you will pass the transponder which will automatically start and finish your stage – the marshal will show you the location of this at each stage start and finish, you will also be shown how to do this at registration and the race briefing.

Your chip for the Transponder Stages will then be downloaded at the end of the event, giving your data for those stages.


– 7 timed stages each with its own unique character

– A feed station on route, as well as hydration provided at the finish

– Rolling start between 13.00 and 14.00 (runners who may take longer should select an early start time)

– Sophisticated digital timing system and software on Stage 6 and 7

– Marked and marshaled course

– All numbers and timing equipment will need to be picked up from the registration desk at least 45 minutes prior to your event start

– Appropriate dress for the day dependant on conditions including trail shoes with suitable grip

– Competitors to set off in clusters approximately 2 min intervals

First Start : 13.00

Last Start: 14.00

– The start / finish area will welcome you with a relaxed trail running atmosphere

Note: Runners must hand in their timing tag at the end of the event to the timing desk to ensure download of data for Stages 6 and 7


Results of the race will be available onsite, and posted online after the end of Enduro Trail Wales


Male and Female prizes will be awarded to the overall winner at the end of the event


For regular Enduro Trail Wales news and updates visit the Run. Coed y Brenin Facebook page


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